N11 Integration

If your e-commerce site is hosted on the Ideasoft infrastructure, you can easily manage many operations via integrations.

We can perform all required integrations in stock, order, and service architecture with the n11.com marketplace for your business without ever changing your current structure. It will be enough to contact us and discuss your project.

  • By integrating your n11.com store with Elements, you can perform product management, order management, and stock control from a single panel. You can also integrate your n11.com store with accounting integrations and your e-commerce website using n11.com Integration.
  • Order management, stock tracking, and invoice creation can all be done from a single panel with Elements n11.com integration.
  • Elements organize your orders into a single panel from which you can generate e-invoices, e-archives, and cargo delivery receipts for your approved orders with a single click.
  • It hosts 12+ different authorized Integrators from within Elements and offers SMEs billing cost flexibility. (ex. Uyumsoft, Kolaysoft, QNB Finansbank, Koç Sistem, İzibiz, EDM Bilişim so on...)
  • Elements manage your omnichannel stock orchestration, and your products are automatically updated based on the sales and invoicing status of other channels.

Automated tasks run at specific times will provide sharp equality in your target sales points.

In addition to all of the explanations, business owners who purchase products from a source other than their own can easily process this XML information on Elements and use it in the n11.com integration.

Let's go! Let's assess everything jointly.

You are welcome to discuss your project or your needs with us. We can collaborate with you to put the best possible solutions into action.

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