Point of Sale Integrations

With Shamssoftware products and Shopify integration, you can effortlessly manage your e-commerce site's products, fulfilled orders, post-order shipping, and billing processes.

With Omni-Channel transactions, point-of-sale integration is critical to managing a digital ecosystem. Connect a retail POS system with your online e-commerce system to create a completely integrated sales environment. With bespoke API integration, POS app development, and other services, our development team can get your POS data where it needs to go.

The process of linking third-party systems and developing bespoke apps to establish an e-commerce solution for any business or shop is known as POS integration. The final solution will move data between platforms and boost the capabilities of a merchant.

Shamssoftware has worked with Shopify, Ideasoft, Ticimax, iyzico, PayTR, EnPOS, and other major systems in the fintech ecosystem. Orders may now be readily taken utilizing barcode scanners, touch displays, and credit card chip readers. Shamssoftware may also combine your POS and online store to provide a full-service solution that includes gift cards, inventory synchronization, and online accounting.

We create POS, e-commerce, and payment solutions that are fully integrated. We create unique connections with third-party payment systems and devices so you can contact your clients no matter where they are.

Shamssoftware partners with you to create a point-of-sale system that integrates in-store capabilities with a variety of e-commerce connections.

  • Configuration and installation of POS systems
  • Data should be synced with your online store.
  • A gift card and loyalty possibilities have been expanded.
  • Connect to ERP and CRM systems
  • Integration of a custom API
  • Integration of barcodes
  • Shipping and 3PL integration
  • Checkout applications for custom POS
  • Discounts, gift cards, and loyalty programs

More modification is possible thanks to advanced connectivity and synchronization with ERP/CRM systems. For complete control over gift cards, email marketing, and discount marketing, we provide unique links to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

POS App For Your Business

  • ShopifyPOS
  • EnPOS

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